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Capital Raising

Debt Capital

EquityBridge leverages on its expertise and network to raise debt capital from a range of investing entities. We match the clients’ profile and capital need towards debt funding with the most optimal terms and structure.

Investing entities: Universal banks, development banks and investment banks, funds management firms, impact funds, sovereign funds, high net worth individuals, among others.

Key debt capital instruments.

  • Commercial papers
  • Term loans
  • Corporate notes and bonds
  • Municipal notes and bonds
  • Mezzanine finance

Equity Capital Raising

EBA seeks to raise capital for clients via the trading of ordinary or preference shares. We undertake this through private placements or public offers, in conjunction with sponsoring brokers and other advisors. Based on our insight into clients’ profile and capital raising rational, we develop a suitable approach, towards optimizing the clients business with the objective of maximization of shareholders value.

We meet the mandate largely through broad interrelated milestones of transaction review, evaluation and advisory, and deal execution.